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Past Data Requests

The Cook County Department of Public Health (CCDPH) responds to requests for data and provides comprehensive population, health behavior, disease and injury data regarding the residents of suburban Cook County. Some data is available by geographic areas including suburban Cook County, CCDPH’s jurisdiction, and district (see Suburban Cook County Community and District map).

Previous data requests are archived below highlights some of the services delivered from the Epidemiology Program.

Births and Deaths Related Requests

Teen Births in Selected North Suburbs

Description: Request for teen birth count and rate data for selected municipalities (Arlington Heights, Buffalo Grove, Mt Prospect, Prospect Heights, Rolling Meadows, Wheeling, Des Plaines) for years 2011-2016. Data was used for reapplication for federal grants to reduce high-risk sexual activity and to explore community risk of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

Maternal Health in Cicero

Description: Request for maternal and child heath indicators in Cicero for years 2014-2015. Data was used to drive a community health assessment in Cicero.

Oak Lawn Mortality

Description: Request for infant mortality rate, age specific death rates, and teen pregnancy rate for Oak Lawn for year 2016. Data used to inform a Community Health Assessment and drive collaboration.

Premature Mortality

Description: Request for premature death rate and YPLL (years of potential life lost) for selected western suburb municipalities for years 2013-2017. Data was used for compiling a social vulnerability index for an organization’s service area.

Suicides and Race

Description: Request for suicide counts and rates for Cook County in 2013-2017. Data was used to assess the burden and inequity of suicide deaths to inform a system-wide approach to integrate behavioral health into the primary care model.

All Cause Mortality

Description: Request for all cause mortality counts for Cook County annually in years 2000 to 2018. Data was used to understand death trends within the county.

Population Characteristics Related Requests

Demographic Data in West Suburbs

Description: Request for data on percentage, by age, of students/families without health insurance in the West District of Suburban Cook County. Data was used for reapplication for end-of-year reports for school districts.

Home Values

Description: Request for data on median home values Suburban Cook County from 2013-2017. Data was used study neighborhood growth and decline.

Poverty Rate

Description: Request for rate of poverty in Cook County for year 2011-2015. Data used to inform targeted interventions by a non-profit organization relating to specific chronic disease conditions.

Drug and Opioid Related Requests

Opioid Hospitalizations

Description: Request for data on opioid-related hospitalizations in Cook County by zip codes in 2010-2015. Data was used to inform community-based substance abuse organization further its mission to eliminate substance through collaborative, high-quality prevention and treatment services.

Overdose Mortality Rate

Description: Request for drug overdose mortality rate in northern Cook County (Des Plaines, Arlington Heights, Mount Prospect, Streamwood, and Hanover Park) in 2015-2017. Data was used to assess drug trends and promote harm reduction at the community level.

Other Data Requests

Asthma Emergency Department Visits

Description: Request for data on asthma-related emergency department visits for adults and pediatric residents in Cook County by zip codes in 2012-2014. Data was used to monitor air quality and to develop a county-wide freight transportation plan .

Blood Lead Levels

Description: Request for percentage of population with elevated blood lead levels by municipalities in 2015-2017. Data was used to apply for a federal grant related to the environment and sustainability of brownfield areas.

If you do not find the data you are looking for, please complete the Data Request Form and you will be contacted regarding your request.

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