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Everyday Heroes

CCDPH is celebrating Everyday Heroes of the COVID-19 response. Everyday Heroes are people living, working, or volunteering in suburban Cook County who are helping each other during these extremely difficult times. To see more Everyday Heroes, please see this page.

Hero of the Week

Gloria Ellis brightens the lives of older adults

COVID-19 has touched every part of our lives, but especially celebrations like birthdays, family reunions, and anniversaries. This week’s hero, Gloria Ellis, made sure that her neighbors, Phyllis and Thomas Pelt, still had a memorable celebration.

Thomas Pelt was celebrating his 76th birthday. However, like many others they are struggling to comply with the shelter in place recommendations. Since the start of COVID-19, Gloria has been checking in with the Pelts regularly by text or phone. On April 16th she learned from Mrs. Pelt that Thomas’ birthday would be celebrated with a candle stuck in an apple. Gloria didn’t say a word, but a few hours later Gloria had dropped off a birthday cake and a beautiful card for the celebration. This was a surprise, sweet gesture, and one that inspired Phyllis to nominate Gloria as an Everyday Hero. “My husband loves cake and this cake just made his day,” said Mrs.Pelt. “We are blessed that Gloria freely looks out for us.”

Gloria is like many people who take care of family, friends and neighbors. She is involved in home schooling with her son Lionel. Gloria is a 30-year veteran of the Cook County Sheriff’s office. And since the COVID-19 Stay-At-Home Order started in March, she has not missed a day of work.

Gloria is sensitive to the needs of others, especially after attending to her mom’s daily needs before her mom made her transition last year. Gloria believes in God and is thankful that the Lord keeps blessing her and giving her the strength to “keep on keeping on” and to take it one day and at a time.

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Updated June 22, 2020, 5:26 PM