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2020 Food Summit

Summit Explores Building a More Racially and Socially Equitable Food System in Cook County

Cook County Department of Public Health and the Chicago Food Policy Action Council will hold the 2020 Food Summit on October 14-16, 2020. The 2020 Food Summit will focus on building a more racially and socially equitable food system in Cook County. National and local experts will highlight strategies and best practices for advancing a more equitable food system through a series of panel discussions, workshops, and virtual field trips.

This years Food Summit will feature:

  • Opening Keynote by Paula Daniels, Co-Founder and Chief of What’s Next at the Center for Good Food Purchasing;
  • Updates from Cook County leaders on progress toward the Good Food Purchasing Program (GFPP) implementation;
  • Workshops and listening sessions for farmers, food businesses, public health practitioners, environmental and labor rights advocates, and interested community members who want to grow a better local food system;
  • Virtual tours of sustainable farms and exciting, community-driven food projects across Cook County.

You can view speakers’ recorded presentations and virtual tours below after the 2020 Food Summit.

Register for Cook County’s 2020 Food Summit here .

View the Cook County Food Summit 2020 schedule here .

Please visit our 2019 Food Summit Page to download program book and watch recorded presentations.


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