About That’s Just Nasty!

The Cook County Department of Public Health (CCDPH) microsite, www.thatsjustnasty.com, is part of a larger campaign titled, That’s Just Nasty. Results from the 2010 Suburban Cook County Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Survey indicated that, 40% of high school students have tried smoking cigarettes and 12% of high school students are current smokers (smoked a cigarette during the last 30 days).

To support prevention of youth tobacco initiation in suburban Cook County (SCC), Illinois, CCDPH developed the That’s Just Nasty campaign. The goal of our That’s Just Nasty campaign is to educate SCC youth, ages 12-18, on the health risks associated with tobacco use and promote youth involvement in tobacco prevention efforts.

Explore this site and learn why tobacco is Just Nasty – and how you can encourage your friends and family to avoid tobacco products.

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