Prescription Monitoring Program

In the state of Illinois, naloxone can be dispensed at pharmacies without needing an individual prescription from your doctor. Scroll down to learn more about the Prescription Monitoring Program and Standing Order.

Prescription Monitoring Program

The Illinois Prescription Monitoring Program (IL PMP) is an electronic tool that collects information on controlled substance prescriptions, schedules II, III, IV and V. The PMP was authorized by the Illinois Controlled Substances Act (720 ILCS 570/316) in 2018 and strictly adheres to HIPAA and all access, disclosure, and confidentiality provisions of Illinois Law. The PMP does not currently collect information on methadone prescriptions.

Click below to find more information about the IL PMP, including FAQs, a data dashboard, and quick links.

Standing Order for Naloxone

In the state of Illinois, appropriately trained professionals – including but not exclusive to trained pharmacists and first responders – may obtain, dispense, and/or administer naloxone in order to reverse an opioid-involved overdose. The Chief Medical Officer of the Illinois Department of Public Health issues a new Naloxone Standing Order every year to authorize this.

The current standing order is effective through 02/23/2023. Click below to view.

Entities authorized to dispense naloxone include pharmacies, pharmacists, and opioid overdose education and naloxone distribution programs (OEND).

Pharmacists who are licensed and trained in the Naloxone Standing Procedure must report naloxone dispensing to the Illinois Prescription Monitoring Program.

If you are obtaining naloxone at a pharmacy without a prescription, your insurance may cover the cost of this life-saving medication.

Overdose Education and Naloxone Distribution (OEND) programs must be registered with the IDHS Division of Substance Use Prevention and Recovery (SUPR) Drug Overdose Prevention Program (DOPP), and must report naloxone dispensing and administration via the Illinois Saves Overdose portal.

For more information on becoming a DOPP program (including how to order naloxone through the ACCESS NARCAN portal), click below.