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Healthy Corner Stores

Healthy Corner Stores

More than 23 million Americans do not have access to a full-service grocery store within a mile of their home and often depend on neighborhood stores for their daily food needs. Healthy corner stores can help make fresh fruits and vegetables and other foods such as whole grains and low-fat dairy products available in more communities.


Find A Store Near You

Neighborhood stores are making healthy living easier in your community by offering a variety of healthy foods and beverages. Click below to view stores that have recently become Healthy Hotspots. You may also check out these stores on the Healthy HotSpot Map.

Recent Healthy Corner Stores
  • Dona’s Finer Foods, 12824 Mozart St., Blue Island
  • Hildalgo Meat Market, 2801 Broadway St., Blue Island
  • Mi Homestead, 12126 South Vincennes, Blue Island
  • Supermercado de Gallo, 12255 S. Western, Blue Island
  • Jordan’s Food, 1258 W 127th St., Calumet Park
  • Rainbow Foods, 1355 W. 127th, Calumet Park
  • East Side Food Mart, 275 East 16th St., Chicago Heights
  • La Michoacana, 1148 S. Halsted Street, Chicago Heights
  • Tony’s Convenience Store, 352 W 14th Pl., Chicago Heights
  • Felipe Dollar Plus, 5941 W. 35th St., Cicero
  • Rosie’s Food Mart 5029 W 29th St., Cicero
  • Rudy’s Grocery Store, 2446 S. 57th Ave., Cicero
  • New Way Foods, 1307 E. Lincoln Highway, Ford Heights
  • Abuzir’s Food, 115 East 154th St., Harvey
  • One Stop Food and Liquor,15401 Center Ave., Harvey
  • Ghazi Express Inc., 22 West 154th St., Harvey
  • Neighborhood Grocery, 276 E 147th Sibley Blvd., Harvey
  • Leo’s Food, 2014 W. 170th St., Hazel Crest
  • Art’s Food and Beverage, 817 W. Roosevelt Rd., Maywood
  • Discoteca Diaz, 617 W. Lake, Maywood
  • Maywood Express Mart, 1001 S 9th Ave., Maywood
  • Maywood Grocery, 1115 W Madison, Maywood
  • Maywood Produce Market, 1305 S. 5th Ave., Maywood
  • Super Mercado Oriente, 523 W Lake St., Maywood
  • Herman’s Food’s & Deli, 20 W. 138 th , Riverdale
  • Kwik Mart, 169 W. 144th St., Riverdale
  • Star Grocers, 13762 S. Lowe Ave., Riverdale
Healthy HotSpot works together with the following community organizations to expand the ability of local corner stores to sell healthy foods: City of Blue Island, The Ministers Conference of South Cook County, Respond Now and TCA Health.
Partners supporting to build healthy corner stores are the Consortium to Lower Obesity in Chicago Children, The Center for Faith & Community Health Transformation, and the South Suburban Mayors and Managers Association.

Interested In Supporting Or Becoming A Healthy Corner Store?

The resources below can help you if you’re thinking about supporting or becoming a Healthy Corner Store.

Download Our Toolkit

Healthy Corner Store Toolkit: In this toolkit, lessons learned from the Healthy Corner Store project of the Healthy HotSpot initiative in suburban Cook County are shared. The toolkit is designed for community organizations interested in identifying, recruiting, and working with local retailers to create a healthy corner store environment. While this toolkit describes how to become a Healthy HotSpot in suburban Cook County, it also can serves as a framework for healthy corner store projects everywhere and be modified to meet each community’s unique identity and needs. Access the full appendix here.

Become A Recognized Healthy HotSpot

To learn more about the Healthy Corner Store project or to become recognized as a healthy corner store location, email [email protected] for more information.


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