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Cook County Public Health Heroes League

Discover the extraordinary stories of the Public Health Heroes League, characters in an innovative, animated educational campaign intended to raise awareness about the role that the Cook County Department of Public Health plays in making communities healthier and safer.

A New Chapter at Cook County Department of Public Health

Exciting changes are taking place at CCDPH. We are reimagining and modernizing our health department. Our new brand identity reflects our commitment to putting the public in public health as we work together to build healthier communities in suburban Cook County.

Putting the Public in Public Health

We are delighted to share our 2023-25 Strategic Plan, which reimagines CCDPH as a modern health department and chief community health strategist that is proactive and responsive, mission-driven yet nimble, but most importantly, committed to partnering with the communities we serve.

Are you up to date on your vaccinations?

Stay healthy Cook County. Get up to date on all recommended immunizations.

Made possible with funding from the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Get Naloxone

Opioid-involved overdose deaths are preventable with Naloxone, an easy-to-use medicine. Be prepared.Get Naloxone. Safe a life.

We Are Hiring!

Join Team CCDPH. We are looking for talented individuals dedicated to our mission of optimizing health and achieving health equity for all people & communities of Cook County.

How Healthy is Your Community?

Suburban residents and agencies can now easily identify and address health inequities using the Cook County Health Atlas, a searchable database with health data for 120 suburbs.

I’m Looking For…
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Do you have questions about how to apply for a job, permit, license or County Care? Perhaps you would like to file a complaint or report a food safety concern, disease outbreak, nuisance or dead bird. Or maybe you want to request medical or immunization records, information under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), or locate a phone number or clinic.

This Is Public Health

Behavioral Health

Behavioral health includes mental illness and substance misuse. Both of these conditions are very common in adults and teens.

Chronic Diseases

A chronic disease is any serious condition that lasts longer than three months. Chronic diseases typically can be treated, but not cured.

Communicable Diseases

CCDPH prevents and controls the spread of communicable diseases by conducting disease surveillance, responding to outbreaks and making recommendations.


CCDPH provides comprehensive population, health behavior, disease and injury data for suburban Cook County residents and communities.

Emergency Preparedness

Get information to help you and your family prepare for a public health emergency: “Be Aware. Get Prepared. Take Action.

Environmental Health

CCDPH enforces Cook County and Illinois state laws related to environmental health issues within suburban Cook County.

Health Equity

Health inequities are differences in health status between groups of people that result from unjust social inequalities between those groups.

Nursing Services

CCDPH provides breast and cervical cancer referral, follow-up and case management; vision and hearing screening; public health nursing; and Tuberculosis (TB) Prevention and Control.

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