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Community Health Status Assessments

The Cook County Department of Public Health (CCDPH) provides comprehensive population, health behavior, disease and injury data for residents of suburban Cook County. Some data is available by geographic areas including suburban Cook County, CCDPH’s jurisdiction, and district (see Suburban Cook County Community and District map).

If you do not find the data you are looking for, please complete the Data Request Form and you will be contacted regarding your request.

Community Health Status Assessments

CCDPH conducts Community Health Status Assessments that employs a comprehensive data collection, analysis and synthesis approach to operationalize and present selected indicators in such a way that is both meaningful to stakeholders and assists in better integrating health equity and community engagement into the public health process. The CHSA aims to raise awareness among the general public and, when integrated into the broader community health planning process, open up opportunities for civic engagement. Users may view the CHSA to inform public health activities, plans, projects and policies for CCDPH residents.

County Health Rankings & Roadmaps Reports

Where we live matters to our health

The County Health Rankings show that where we live affects how well and how long we live. The County Health Rankings provides an easy-to-use snapshot that compares counties within each state, and includes information on factors communities can do something about – such as jobs, education, housing, community safety, and more. 

CCDPH developed the 2020 Suburban Cook County Equivalent Measures Report following indicator definitions and analytical methods of the County Health Rankings, as rankings for suburban Cook County are not available due to lack of local data for all indicators.

There is a connection between ‘place’ and ‘health.’ Where we live affects how long and how well we live. Find out how you can move from data (e.g. 2018 Suburban Cook County Equivalent Measures Report) to action and help move your community forward. Visit the County Health Rankings and Roadmaps Action Center .

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Community Health Status Assessments

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