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Procedure for Public Health Data Requests

The Cook County Department of Public Health, Epidemiology Program Office provides data request services to partner agencies, universities, and the general public.

To request data or data analysis please complete one of the online data request forms below. Internal CCDPH employees and programs may complete the Internal (CCDPH) Requests Only form. Community agencies or departments outside CCDPH may complete the External (non-CCDPH) Requests Only form.

Instructions for completing the online data request forms:
  1. Click on one of the blue buttons above (internal data request for CCDPH employees or external, non-CCDPH data request).
  2. Date of Request: Fill in today’s date (or the date the request is being made if different.)
  3. Date Data Needed: Fill in the date the data is needed. Note that a minimum of 10 working days is required for all requests.
  4. Complete all fields in the applicant identification section.
  5. Type of Data Requested: Provide detailed information about the data that is being requested. In order to prevent delays, it is important to be specific when completing the “Type of Data Requested” section. Define the exact demographic group (i.e. age, race/ethnicity, gender, etc.) for which data is requested. Include other details such as the timeframe (which specific years, months, etc.) and geographic interest (CCDPH, Suburban Cook County, North District, South District, etc.).
  6. Purpose Use of the Data: Provide a brief description of why the data is needed and how the data will be used.
  7. Click submit.
  • All data requests require at least 10 business days to process. Large or complex requests will require a longer timeframe for completion. (Urgent data requests with shorter time frames will only be authorized by the Unit Director).
  • Cook County Department of Public Health must be acknowledged as the data source. Suggested reference: Cook County Department of Department of Public Health, Epidemiology Program Office (YYYY). Data title, Oak Forest, IL.
  • The CCDPH Community Health Planning and Epidemiology Unit reserves the right to deny any data requests based on available resources and confidentiality standards.
Other sources of data

Public health data for the CCDPH region may also be available on the Internet at the following locations:

View past data requests

To view past data requests, please visit the page:


Updated September 28, 2020, 1:00 PM