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Swimming Pools 
and Spas

Recreational swimming can be a hazardous sport due to falls, including diving-related injuries, as well as recreational water illnesses associated with contaminated pool water. In order to reduce risks associated with swimming, CCDPH (as an approved agent of Illinois Department of Public Health ) conducts annual inspections of swimming pools, spas, therapy pools and spray pads within suburban Cook County.

CCDPH inspections include licensure, operational, illness and injury reports (drowning investigations) and complaints for aquatic features found in hotels, motels, apartment complexes, subdivisions, parks and recreation areas, country clubs and community pools located within the homeowners’ association.

Public Swimming Pool Permits

To apply for a construction permit for a public swimming facility, pre-qualified architects, engineers and contractors must complete the IDPH permit application. For more information, please contact 217-782-5830.

Pools in private, multi-unit residential complexes must also complete this application

Residential Swimming Pool and Spa Permits

CCDPH reviews residential pools and spas to be constructed in unincorporated suburban Cook County. All permits reviewed by CCDPH must be submitted to the Cook County Building and Zoning Department for final review.

To apply for a pool permit for unincorporated Cook County residential swimming facilities, please complete this application. There is now one application for any residential pool or spa in unincorporated Cook County.

Residential Swimming Pools and Spas Permit Application Fees (Unincorporated Cook County)

Residential In Ground Swimming Pool Permit Application$150.00
Residential Above Ground Swimming Pool Permit Application$75.00
Residential Spa Permit Application$75.00

*For example, the installation of an in-ground pool with a spa is $225, but an above-ground pool with a spa is $150.

Residential Pool Complaints

To file a complaint regarding unsanitary conditions found in residential pools in unincorporated suburban Cook County, click “File a Complaint” below. For complaints in incorporated suburban Cook County, contact your local municipality.


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