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Health Observances This Month

See below for social media graphics and messages related to national health observances.

National Health Observances Toolkit

Cook County Department of Public Health is encouraging all suburban Cook County residents to be aware of health issues by reviewing this month’s awareness campaigns and sharing information about health conditions.

National Health Observances

Communications Materials & Social Media Assets

Below are sample posts and graphics for national health observances that you can download and share on social media to raise awareness about important health issues this month. Please tag us on:

National Public Health Week

National Public Health Week

Join Cook County Department of Public Health in observance of National Public Health Week this April. National Public Health Week is observed from Monday, April 3rd through Sunday, April 9th 2023. Below or general, and daily, observances observed during National Public Health Week.

Sample National Public Health Week post text can be copied and pasted to your social media profiles to help spread awareness:


  • Connection to our community and culture impact our health and well-being. Foster community connection and make our communities healthier, stronger and safer! Join @PublicHealth and CCDPH April 3-9 for #NPHW. Visit www.NPHW.org.
  • Feeling included within our community and having support are imperative to our mental and physical well-being. This #NPHW, center and celebrate the many connections of culture, community and public health. Visit www.NPHW.org.
  • Join @PublicHealth and CCDPH April 3-9 for #NPHW, “Centering and Celebrating Cultures in Health”. Let’s work together to make it easier for communities to access the public health resources they need to achieve the highest level of health. Visit www.NPHW.org.


  • La conexión con nuestra comunidad y cultura afecta nuestra salud y bienestar. ¡Fomente la conexión con la comunidad y haga que nuestras comunidades sean más saludables, fuertes y seguras! Únase a @PublicHealth y CCDPH del 3 al 9 de abril para #NPHW. Visite www.NPHW.org.
  • Sentrise parte dentro de nuestra comunidad y tener apoyo es imprescindible para nuestro bienestar físico y mental. Este #NPHW centra y celebra las muchas conexiones de la cultura, la comunidad y la salud pública. Visite www.NPHW.org.
  • Únase a @PublicHealth y CCDPH del 3 al 9 de abril para #NPHW, “Centrar y celebrar las culturas en la salud.” Trabajemos juntos para facilitar que las comunidades accedan a los recursos de salud pública que necesitan para alcanzar el más alto nivel de salud. Visite www.NPHW.org.

National Public Health Week Images

Community: Monday April 3rd 2023

Monday: Community

  • Whether virtual, physical or both, connection with community is vital to living your healthiest life. We must work together to ensure all communities have access and connections to affordable housing, education, food and transportation. www.NPHW.org #NPHW

Lunes: Comunidad

  • Ya sea virtual, física o ambas, la conexión con la comunidad es vital para vivir su vida más saludable. Debemos trabajar juntos para garantizar que todas las comunidades tengan acceso y conexiones a viviendas, educación, alimentos y transporte asequibles. www.NPHW.org #NPHW

Violence Prevention – Tuesday April 4th 2023

Tuesday: Violence Prevention

  • Violence is an ongoing public health threat because it creates more obstacles to living a healthy life. When we understand the causes of violence in our communities, it gives us a better chance at creating effective prevention strategies. www.NPHW.org #NPHW

Martes: Prevención de la violencia

  • La violencia es una amenaza continua para la salud pública porque crea más obstáculos para vivir una vida saludable. Cuando comprendemos las causas de la violencia en nuestras comunidades, tenemos una mejor oportunidad de crear estrategias de prevención eficaces. www.NPHW.org #NPHW

Sexual Health – Wednesday April 5th 2023

Wednesday: Reproductive and Sexual Health

  • We can work together and make sure everyone has the right and ability to access safe, affordable and individual care when making reproductive and sexual health decisions. www.NPHW.org #NPHW

Miércoles: Salud reproductiva y sexual

  • Podemos trabajar juntos y asegurarnos de que todos tengan el derecho y la capacidad de acceder a una atención segura, asequible e individual al tomar decisiones de salud reproductiva y sexual. www.NPHW.org #NPHW

Mental Health – Thursday April 6th 2023

Thursday: Mental Health

  • Each year, one in five Americans will experience mental illness. Mental health is public health. Prevention, early detection and treatment of mental health conditions can lead to improved physical and community health. www.NPHW.org #NPHW

Jueves: Salud mental

  • Cada año, uno de cada cinco estadounidenses padece una enfermedad mental. La salud mental es salud pública. La prevención, la detección temprana y el tratamiento de las enfermedades mentales pueden generar una mejora de la salud física y comunitaria. www.NPHW.org #NPHW

Rural Health – Friday April 7th 2023

Friday: Rural Health

  • Rural communities are some of the most vulnerable populations to public health threats. We can work toward a more robust, inclusive public health system that ensures everyone is reached. www.NPHW.org #NPHW

Viernes: Salud rural

  • Las comunidades rurales son algunas de las poblaciones más vulnerables a las amenazas para la salud pública. Podemos trabajar hacia un sistema de salud pública más sólido e inclusivo que garantice que todos estén al alcance. www.NPHW.org #NPHW

Accessibility – Saturday April 8th 2023

Saturday: Accessibility

  • We can close the health equity gap by reducing health disparities in health insurance, increasing physical accessibility to care, improving availability of appropriate care and building more inclusive public health programs and communities. www.NPHW.org #NPHW

Sábado: Accesibilidad

  • Podemos cerrar la brecha de equidad en salud al reducir las disparidades de salud en el seguro médico, aumentar la accesibilidad física a la atención, mejorar la disponibilidad de atención adecuada, y construir programas y comunidades de salud pública más incluyentes. www.NPHW.org #NPHW

Food & Nutrition – Sunday April 9th 2023

Sunday: Food and Nutrition

  • Access to fresh, quality and nutritious food is the foundation to living a healthy life. We can work together to make sure our communities have that access and advocate for those communities who don’t. www.NPHW.org. #NPHW

Domingo: Alimentación y nutrición

  • El acceso a alimentos frescos, de calidad y nutritivos es la base para vivir una vida saludable. Podemos trabajar juntos para asegurarnos de que nuestras comunidades tengan ese acceso y abogar por aquellas comunidades que no lo tienen. www.NPHW.org. #NPHW
STI Awareness Month

STI Awareness Month

Sample STI Awareness Month post text can be copied and pasted to your social media profiles to help spread awareness:


  • STI Awareness Month is here! Join the conversation with #STIweek to get involved and learn how you can take action to help overcome the rise of #STIs in the U.S. https://bit.ly/3MqXnnk #GYT
  • DYK? All STIs can be treated & some can be cured. Know the facts: https://bit.ly/30ghrma #GYT #STIwee
  • Many #STIs have no symptoms. The only way you can be sure of your status is to Get Yourself Tested. https://bit.ly/2phr5lI #GYT #STImonth
  • Did you know? Anyone having sex can get an STI. This STI Awareness Month, know your STI care options and Get Yourself Tested! https://bit.ly/2PGBY0L #GYT #STImonth
  • Youth aged 15-24 account for almost ½ of all new #STI infections in 2018. This #STImonth, find out how STI testing can protect you and your partner. https://bit.ly/2PGBY0L #GYT
  • Don’t ASSUME a medical checkup includes STI tests. Talk to your provider. https://bit.ly/2VpxY3H #TalkTestTreat #STImonth
  • Talk openly to your partner AND healthcare provider about #sexualhealth & #STIs: https://bit.ly/2VpxY3H #TalkTestTreat #STImonth


  • ¿Sabías? Todas las #ITS se pueden tratar y algunas se pueden curar. ¡Infórmate! https://bit.ly/30ghrma #GYT #STImonth
  • ¿Sabías? Muchas #ITS no causan síntomas. Protege tu #salud. Hazte la prueba. https://bit.ly/3YHvddJ #GYT #STImonth
  • Hazte pruebas de #ITS y el #VIH con tu pareja sexual. ¡Muéstrense respeto! https://bit.ly/3YHvddJ #GYT #STImonth
  • LA MITAD de los casos nuevos de #ITS corresponden a personas menores de 25 años. No juegues con tu salud, hazte la prueba de ITS: https://bit.ly/3YHvddJ #GYT #STImonth
  • ¡No tengas vergüenza de pedirle a tu proveedor de atención médica que te haga pruebas de #ITS! Encuentra un sitio de pruebas cercano: https://bit.ly/3YHvddJ #TalkTestTreat #STImonth
  • Prevenir las ITS no tiene por qué ser difícil. Habla. Hazte pruebas. Trátate. Aprende más: https://bit.ly/2VpxY3H #TalkTestTreat #STImonth

Social Media STI Awareness Month Images (English)

Social Media STI Awareness Month Images (Spanish)

Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

Testicular Cancer Awareness Posts

Sample Testicular CancerAwareness (March 3rd, 2023) post text can be copied and pasted to your social media profiles to help spread awareness:

  • April is #TesticularCancer Awareness Month. Make sure to get your screening or exam! #TCa http://ow.ly/Jf4230akO58
  • Over 9,400 men will be diagnosed with #TesticularCancer this year. Know your individual risk. #TCa http://ow.ly/pz9p30alkL3
  • Support is out there for men living w/ #TesticularCancer. Join our #Inspire discussion group http://ow.ly/opAT30al8KW
  • Younger men can have testicular issues too. 33 is the average age of a #TesticularCancer diagnosis. http://ow.ly/FQTD30al96Z
  • See some treatment options for #TesticularCancer – Find out about your options here http://ow.ly/moHx30al9Le
  • White men & men with a family history of #TesticularCancer are at greater risk. Know your individual risk. #TCa http://ow.ly/zIUe30alaw6
  • Ladies – testicular health can be a sensitive topic. Encourage your male loved ones to know their risk. #TesticularCancer #TCa http://ow.ly/IE5u30alcrX

Social Media Testicular Cancer Awareness Images

National Minority Health Month

National Minority Health Month Posts

Sample National Minority Health Month post text can be copied and pasted to your social media profiles to help spread awareness:

  • We are proud to announce this year’s theme for National Minority Health Month: Better Health Through Better Understanding! Join us and our partners as we share resources to address health literacy, language access, and more: https://minorityhealth.hhs.gov/nmhm/
  • Let’s empower the health literacy of our communities this National Minority Health Month. This year’s theme, Better Health Through Better Understanding, focuses on how meeting cultural and linguistic needs can improve health outcomes: https://minorityhealth.hhs.gov/nmhm/
  • Why are some racial & ethnic minority groups impacted differently by #COVID19? CDC data show these communities have experienced higher rates of infection, hospitalization & death. Join us to learn how to #BoostYourCommunity. http://ow.ly/F7Ek50IHBSI
  • National Minority Health Month was established in 1915. More than 100 years later, there is still a need to highlight health disparities that continue to affect racial & ethnic minority communities. Join us in April to share trusted #COVID19 info. http://ow.ly/FzOz50IIi5M

Social Media National Minority Health Month Images

National Child Abuse Prevention Month

National Child Abuse Prevention Month Posts

Sample National Child Abuse Prevention Month post text can be copied and pasted to your social media profiles to help spread awareness:

Social Media National Child Abuse Prevention Month Images

Black Maternal Health Week​
April 11th – 17th

Black Maternal Health Week Posts

Sample Black Maternal Health Week post text can be copied and pasted to your social media profiles to help spread awareness:

  • Join us & @blkmamasmatter in taking part in this year’s #BlackMaternalHealthWeek! Come engage in unforgettable activities & conversations aimed at shifting the state of Black Maternal Health in the U.S. Learn more: blackmamasmatter.org/bmhw #BlackMamasMatter #BMHW23
  • We are joining @BlkMamasMatter to celebrate Black Maternal Health Week! Join us in advocating for Black women’s scholarship, maternity care work, and advocacy. Visit blackmamasmatter.org/bmhw #BMHW23
  • This #BMHW23 support us & @BlkMamasMatter in amplifying the movement for better maternal, reproductive and birth outcomes for Black Mamas & birthing people.
  • This year marks the 6th annual Black Maternal Health Week (#BMHW23), which runs April 11-17. CCDPH is honored to uplift and support Black women and their families. Learn more at blackmamasmatter.org/bmhw #BMHW23
  • The purpose of #BMHW23 is to highlight efforts led by @BlackMamasMatterAlliance (BMMA), and collectively work toward a future where ALL Black Mamas have the rights, respect, and resources to thrive throughout their lives-including in their reproductive years. This year’s theme is “Our Bodies Belong to Us: Restoring Black Autonomy and Joy.” Learn more at blackmamasmatter.org/bmhw
  • This #BlackMaternalHealthWeek, support us and @BlackMamasMatterAlliance in centering Black Joy and amplifying the movement for better maternal, reproductive and birth outcomes for Black Mamas.
  • #BMHW23

Social Media Black Maternal Health Week Images

World Health Day – April 7th

World Health Day – April 7th Posts

Sample World Health Day – April 7th post text can be copied and pasted to your social media profiles to help spread awareness:

Social Media World Health Day – April 7th Images

World Malaria Day – April 25th

World Malaria Day Posts

Malaria is a preventable and treatable disease that continues to have a devastating impact on the health and livelihood of people around the world. In 2020, there were an estimated 241 million new cases of malaria.

Sample World Malaria Day hashtags can be copied and pasted to your social media profiles to help spread awareness:

  • #EndMalaria
  • #WorldMalariaDay
  • #HealthForAll

Social Media World Malaria Day Images

Workers Memorial Day – April 28th

Workers Memorial Day – April 28th Posts

Every year, on April 28, the nation recognizes Workers Memorial Day. This is the day we pay our respects to those who lost their lives on the job and recognize the impact these tragic losses have on families, co-workers, and communities.

Sample Workers Memorial Day hashtags can be copied and pasted to your social media profiles to help spread awareness:

  • #WorkersMemorialDay

Social Media Workers Memorial Day Images

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