Increase Access to Healthy, Fresh Food

We recognize that, for many Cook County communities, eating healthy food means driving five towns over to find a supermarket. By supporting projects that put healthy foods into local retailers, we’re working to ensure that every community has access to fresh produce.

If your organization is interested in helping make healthy food available throughout suburban Cook County, here are some resources to help you start:

  1. Making healthy choices more available

    • About: Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet for making healthy food available to all residents in suburban Cook County. By working to make healthy options available through venues including grocery stores, farmers’ markets, delivery systems and more, however, every community can find at least one method that works for them.
  2. Helping small grocers and corner stores stock fresh foods

    • About: For many, small grocers and corner stores are the only nearby means of getting food. By giving those business-owners the tools and training to stock fresh food, we get it into the hands of those who are often can’t access more traditional food retailers.
    • Resources to help you create this in your community:
      Food Trust – Leads the national healthy corner store initiative and has research, program materials and promotional materials available.
      Community Food Security Coalition – Administrates the National Corner Store Network.

Make the connections and get the support to make this vision a reality – join our Alliance!