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Cook County Department of Public Health Mitigation Guidance

Mitigation Order 2020-2

On December 11, 2020, Cook County Department of Public Health issued Mitigation Order 2020-2. COVID-19 Mitigation Order 2020-2 was issued December 11, 2020 and is aligned with Tier 3 mitigation measures and Executive Order 2020-73. It contains industry requirements and best practices for COVID mitigation in our jurisdiction. All measures listed, both requirements and best practices, should be followed to mitigate the spread of COVID in our workplaces, businesses and community. FAQs for Order 2020-2 can be found here.

Mitigation Order 2020-1

On Nov. 6, 2020, Cook County Department of Public Health issued Mitigation Order 2020-1 authorizing CCDPH, municipalities and local law enforcement to enforce compliance with Governor Pritzker’s Executive Order 2020-63 and Restore Illinois Mitigation Guidance for restaurants, bars and other businesses where people congregate indoors.

Both orders authorize CCDPH, municipalities and local law enforcement to enforce compliance with the measures. Violations of these Orders are subject to the penalties set forth in the Cook County, Illinois, Code of Ordinances Sec. 38-38, including arrest, a fine of $1,000 per offense, and further actions

As of November 18, 2020, the state of Illinois and suburban Cook County are in Tier 3 mitigation. While in Tier 3, in the event of any direct conflict in a requirement for a particular business type between Order 2020-2 and 2020-1 the provisions of Order 2020-2 shall be followed.

Governor’s Executive Order 2020-63 and 2020-73 state: All businesses that offer food or beverages for on-premises consumption—including restaurants, bars, grocery stores, and food halls—may not allow in-person indoor consumption. Such businesses continue to be permitted and encouraged to serve food and beverages so that they may be consumed off-premises, as permitted by law, through means such as in-house delivery, third-party delivery, drive-through, and curbside pick-up. Establishments offering food or beverages must ensure that they have an environment where patrons maintain adequate social distancing. All businesses covered in this section may permit outdoor on-premises food and beverage consumption in accordance with DCEO guidance and when permitted by local ordinances and regulations. Both orders also implement capacity limits for establishments and requirements for face coverings.

Below is a list of establishments cited for violation of the orders 2020-1 and/or 2020-2 and required to comply with state guidelines immediately for the safety of patrons, staff and the community. This list will be updated Tuesdays and Thursday at 4 p.m. and establishments that have come into compliance will be removed from the list.

Establishments cited for violation of the Cook County Mitigation Order 2020-1 / 2020-2

Establishment NameMunicipalityType of violation(s)Date of Order Served
Neoteca PizzaBarringtonindoor dining11/12/2020 issued in person
CanteenBarringtonindoor dining11/12/2020 issued in person
Southern Belle CafeBarringtonindoor dining11/12/2020 issued in person
Stacked Pancake HouseOak Lawnindoor dining11/16/2020 sent
The Whistle Sports BarOak Lawnindoor dining11/16/2020 sent
Les BrothersOak Lawnindoor dining11/16/2020 sent
115 Bourbon StreetMerrionette Parkindoor dining11/16/2020 sent
FlapjacksOak Lawnindoor dining11/17/2020 sent
Chaser's Sports BarNilesindoor dining & inadequate spacing11/17/2020 sent
Sebastian's Ale & Whiskey HouseBrookfieldindoor dining & non-masking & inadequate spacing11/17/2020 sent
Brookfield BreakfastBrookfieldindoor dining & inadequate spacing11/17/2020 sent
Phil's Sports Bar and GrillBrookfieldindoor dining & non-masking & inadequate spacing11/17/2020 sent
Elly's Pancake HouseArlington Heightsindoor dining11/17/2020 sent
Golden BrunchArlington Heightsindoor dining11/17/2020 sent
Alley 64Palatineindoor dining11/17/2020 sent
Palatine InnPalatineindoor dining11/17/2020 sent
Les BrothersHickory Hillsindoor dining11/17/2020 sent
Teddy's DinerElk Grove Villageindoor dining11/17/2020 sent
Joey's PizzaHillsideindoor dining11/17/2020 sent
Elly's Pancake HouseElk Grove Villageindoor dining11/17/2020 sent
Bob & Trish's New BeginningsDes Plainesindoor dining & non-masking & inadequate spacing11/17/2020 sent
Amici'sNilesindoor dining11/17/2020 sent
Ryan's Public HouseBrookfieldindoor dining & inadequate spacing11/17/2020 sent
Illusion CafeDes Plainesindoor dining & inadequate spacing11/17/2020 sent
ShakouArlington Heightsindoor dining11/19/2020 sent
Blueberry HillForest Parkindoor dining11/19/2020 sent
Melinda's PubWorthindoor dining11/19/2020 sent
DurbinsMidlothianindoor dining11/19/2020 sent
Southern CafeRoselleindoor dining & inadequate spacing11/19/2020 sent
Southernfork RestaurantOrland Parkindoor dining & inadequate spacing11/19/2020 sent
Original Pancake HouseOrland Parkindoor dining11/19/2020 sent
The Whistle Sports BarTinley Parkindoor dining11/19/2020 sent
Lumes Pancake HouseOrland Parkindoor dining & inadequate spacing11/19/2020 sent
Sophia's Famous PancakeOrland Parkindoor dining11/19/2020 sent
Eggsperts Breakfast and LunchOrland Parkindoor dining11/19/2020 sent
BacowkaSchaumburgindoor dining11/19/2020 sent
RookiesHoffman Estatesindoor dining & inadequate spacing11/19/2020 sent
Village Taver and GrillSchaumburgindoor dining & inadequate spacing11/19/2020 sent
Fat Rosie's Taco and Tequilla BarSchaumburgindoor dining11/19/2020 sent
Old MunichWheelingindoor dining & non-masking & inadequate spacing11/20/2020 served
Berger StationChicago Ridgeindoor dining11/25/2020 served
Golden Bear RestaurantAlsipIndoor dining11/25/2020 sent
Burrito JaliscoAlsipIndoor dining11/25/2020 sent
3 CornersLemontIndoor Dining11/25/2020 sent
Tap House Grill LemontIndoor Dining11/25/2020 sent
Wooden PaddleAlsipIndoor Dining12/30/2020 hand delivered
Chicago Prime Steak House SchaumburgIndoor Dining11/25/2020 sent
Chicago Prime ItalianSchaumburgIndoor Dining11/25/2020 sent
Barrel House Kitchen & TapHarwood Heights Indoor Dining11/25/2020 sent
Mullen's Bar & GrillNorridgeIndoor Dining11/25/2020 sent
Jelly Cafe'Mount Prospect Indoor Dining11/25/2020 sent
Cafe 14PalatineIndoor Dining11/25/2020 sent
Brown OnionStegerIndoor Dining12/30/2020 hand delivered
Sam & IrenesStegerIndoor Dining11/25/2020 sent
Cajun Boil & BarOrland ParkIndoor Dining11/25/2020 sent
Moretti's RestaurantBartlettIndoor Dining11/25/2020 sent
Savoury RestaurantBartlettIndoor Dining11/25/2020 sent
Blossom CafeNorridgeIndoor Dining11/25/2020 sent
Branding IronBridgeviewindoor dining & non-masking & inadequate spacing11/25/2020 sent
McGonigal's PubBarringtonindoor dining & non-masking & inadequate spacing11/30/2020 sent
Barracos PizzaEvergreen Parkindoor dining & non-masking11/30/2020 sent
McGaffersForest Parkindoor dining & inadequate spacing11/24/2020 sent
Hilton Chicago/Northbrook and AllgauersProspect Heightsindoor dining, non-masking, inadequate spacing & over capacity12/3/2020 issued in person
ShakouBarringtonindoor dining12/4/2020 sent
Southern BelleBedford Parkindoor dinining12/30/2020 hand delivered
Arctic Ice ArenaOrland Parknon-masking12/4/2020 issued in person
StackedCrestwoodindoor dining12/7/2020 sent
Bracht's PlaceBartlettindoor dining and inadequate spacking12/7/2020 sent
The Original Island Shrimp HousePalos Parkindoor dining12/2/2020 sent
Hook and ReelCrestwoodindoor dining12/7/2020 sent
Thirsty Beaver Crestwoodindoor dining12/7/2020 sent
Georgie V'sNorthbrookindoor dining12/7/2020 sent
Tiffany's Restaurant CafeDesPlainesindoor dining12/7/2020 sent
Al BawadiNilesindoor dining12/7/2020 sent
Hillgrove TapWestern Springsindoor dining 12/7/2020 sent
Wolf's Head RestaurantIndian Head Parkindoor dining12/7/2020 sent
Driftwood LodgeIndian Head Parkindoor dining12/7/2020 sent
At the Office Sports BarCrestwoodindoor dining12/7/2020 sent
Cordial InnBrookfieldindoor dining12/7/2020 sent
CapriPalos Heightsindoor dining12/7/2020 sent
Zachary'sPalos Heightsindoor dining12/7/2020 sent
LumesPalos Heightsindoor dining12/7/2020 sent
Marco RomaWinnetkaindoor dining12/7/2020 sent
Julliani's PizzaPalos Heightsindoor dining12/7/2020 sent
Circle Chicago - Glatt Kosher CaterersChicagoindoor dining & over capacity & inadequate spacing12/10/20 sent
A & E Events, Inc.SkokieOver capacity & inadequate spacing12/10/20 sent
Moretti'sBarringtonindoor dining12/11/20 in person
Penny Road PubBarringtonindoor drinking, non-masking12/11/20 in person
Brandt'sPalantineindoor drinking, non-masking, inadequate separation, congregating indoors12/11/20 in person
Big Iron HorseBarringtonindoor drinking12/11/20 in person
Francesca's FamilgliaBarringtonindoor dining, inadequate separation12/11/20 in person
Southland Center - Ho-ChunkLynwoodnon-masking, in-door sports, in-door congregations, inadequate separation, over capacity12/15/20 in person
Elite Athletic Club LLCLake Station, INnon-masking, in-door sports, in-door congregations, inadequate separation, over capacity12/15/20 sent
Petergof Banquet Hall/Restaurant/ Night ClubNorthbrookplanning an event for in-door dining drinking and congregating12/23/20 in person
AgioPalatineindoor dining and planning for an event12/30/20 in-person
Mr. AllisonArlington Heightsindoor dining12/30/20 in-person
Gatsby'sArlington Heightsindoor dining & inadequate separation12/30/20 in-person
Salsa 17Arlington Heightsindoor dining inadequate spacing and unmasked12/30/20 in-person
Deja BrewOak Lawn indoor dining12/30/20 in-person
Papa Joe'sOrland Parkindoor dining, indoor congregation, indoor event12/30/20 in-person
El Nuevo VallartaBerwynindoor dining1/4/21 - sent
Moretti'sMorton Groveindoor dining1/4/21 - sent
Gosia's Coffee ShopBrookfieldindoor dining1/4/21 - sent
Franklin's Public HousePalos Heightindoor dining1/4/21 - sent
Pop's Pizza and Sports BarRoselleindoor dining1/4/21 - sent
Denny's Palatineindoor dining1/4/21 - sent
Union Ale HouseProspect Heightindoor dining1/4/21 - sent
Player's Pub and GrillProspect HeightsIndoor dining, indoor congregation1/4/21 - sent
House of Music and EntertainmentProspect Heightsindoor dining1/4/21 - sent
Rocky's GrillProspect HeightsIndoor dining, indoor congregation, outdoor congregation1/4/21 - sent
Honey Jam CafeArlington Heightsindoor dining1/5/21 - sent
SalinteForest Parkindoor dining1/5/21 - sent
Charlie'sForest Parkindoor dining1/5/21 - sent
Davanti EnotecaWestern Springsindoor dining1/5/21 - sent
JC RistoranteMcCookindoor dining1/5/21 - sent
La Tasca TapasArlington Heightsindoor dining1/5/21 - sent
Gatto'sTinley Parkindoor dining1/5/21 - sent
Union Bar and GrillTinley Parkindoor dining1/5/21 - sent
Angelo O'Leary'sForest Parkindoor dining1/5/21 - sent
St. James PlaceOak Lawnindoor dining1/5/21 - sent
Jim's PlaceForest Parkindoor dining & inadequate separation1/5/21 - sent
Fat DuckForest Parkindoor dining1/5/21 - sent
O'SullivanForest Parkindoor dining1/5/21 - sent
Jelly CafePalatineindoor dining1/5/21 - sent
JJ TwigsPalatineindoor dining1/5/21 - sent
Carlos and CarlosArlington Heightsindoor dining1/5/21 - sent
Eddie'sArlington Heightsindoor dining1/5/21 - sent
The Chicago LoopStreamwoodindoor dining and non-masking1/5/21 - sent
Billy'sPalatineindoor dining1/5/21 - sent
Billy Boy'sChicago Ridgeindoor dining1/5/21 - sent
Mary's Morning Mix-upBrookfieldindoor dining1/5/21 - sent
Johnnie's BeefArlington Heightsindoor dining1/5/21 - sent
Frankie's Beef and PastaOak Lawnindoor dining1/5/21 - sent
Sports PageArlington Heightsindoor dining1/5/21 - sent
SouthforkOrland Parkindoor dining1/5/21 - sent
Cafe GastonOrland Parkindoor dining1/5/21 - sent
Hook and ReedCountry Club Hillsindoor dining1/5/21 - sent
TNT SnackshopArlington Heightsindoor dining1/5/21 - sent
McDivots Sports BarPalos Parkindoor dining1/5/21 - sent
Burger BaronArlington Heightsindoor dining1/5/21 - sent
Possum's PubMelrose Parkindoor dining1/5/21 - sent

Stay-At-Home Advisory

On Nov. 13, 2020, CCDPH also issued a stay-at-home advisory for all suburban Cook County residents due to increased rates of COVID-19 transmission, and to prevent having to implement more restrictive mitigation measures. This guidance is in alignment with the State of Illinois, and in accordance with public health science. It took effect Monday, Nov. 16, 2020 at 6 a.m., and will last at least 30 days. Read the full press release.

CCDPH is also recommending avoiding all non-essential travel. All persons entering into suburban Cook County from outside of suburban Cook County should quarantine for 14 days.

To curb the increased spread of COVID-19 in Illinois Region 10:

Limit travel and gatherings

Gatherings and travel in and out of communities present a high risk of spreading COVID-19 infection. In our current situation, with a rising prevalence of the virus, attending even small gatherings that mix households, or traveling to areas that are experiencing high rates of positivity, is not advised and is potentially dangerous. Please, travel only if necessary.

Work from home if possible

For the next three weeks, work with your employer to plan to work from home unless it is necessary for you to be in the workplace.  We ask employers to make accommodation for this.  Our goal is to reduce transmission as we head into the holidays so businesses and schools can remain open.

Participate in essential activities only

For the next three weeks, stay home as much as possible, leaving only for necessary and essential activities, such as work that must be performed outside the home, COVID-19 testing, visiting the pharmacy, and buying groceries.

Updated 1/5/2021, 3:30 PM


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