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Safe Drinking 
Water Resources

Below are resources to help you find information about frequently requested water topics and important water safety directions. For more information, please call 847-818-2841.

Boil Order Information

Boil orders are put in place to assure water safety when there is a chance pathogens could have entered into the water supply.

Flood Emergencies

How To Disinfect A Water Well

Should a well’s water become contaminated with a variety of bacteria called Coliform or E. coli, or the well’s cap is removed, we recommend the well be disinfected by the well’s owner or a water well contractor. For guidance on how to disinfect your own water well, click here.

How Safe Is My Public Water Supply?

To learn more about your water system, we recommend visiting your village’s webpage for easy-to-understand reports. Additional water reports and data from public water supplies can be found at the following sites:

Common Water Concerns And Information About Water Testing

Common water quality concerns such as smell and taste concerns are discussed in this IDPH booklet found here.

The US EPA sets the maximum limits on contaminants in drinking water to be considered safe. To view these contaminants and information about where these contaminants can come from, click here.

For information about Lead in water supplies, click here.

Water testing kits for Coliform and E. coli are available for pick-up from CCDPH’s Bridgeview and Rolling Meadows Offices. Please call (847) 818-2841 for more information.

For a list of nearby water testing laboratories with a range of services click here. Illinois State Water Survey also offers water testing for Lead and water quality testing. For more information click here.