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Water wells are the sole source of water to hundreds of homes, buildings, and irrigation systems throughout suburban Cook County. As the regulatory authority for these water systems, CCDPH reviews and inspects the construction, modification and sealing of water and closed loop wells. This is to help assure a protected water supply.

How To Disinfect a Water Well

If a well’s water becomes contaminated with bacteria (called Coliform or E. coli), or if the well’s cap is removed, we recommend the well be disinfected by the well’s owner or a water well contractor. For guidance on how to disinfect your own water well, click here.

Water Well and Closed Loop (Geothermal) Well Application Steps for Contractors

Contractors interested in applying to CCDPH for water well and closed loop well systems, should do the following:

For More Information

For Coliform/E. coli water testing kits and bottles, permission to temporarily cap a well, questions, or concerns about water and closed loop (geothermal) wells, please contact Joe Durczak via phone 847-818-2841, fax 847-818-2879 or email [email protected]

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Updated February 8, 2019, 7:16 AM