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Travel Guidance

CCDPH recommends avoiding all non-essential travel. However, if you must travel, we recommend all visitors and returning residents avoid non-essential activities, including work and school if possible, for 14 days after entering suburban Cook County. If you cannot avoid work or school for 14 days after your return and are symptom-free, you may consider one of CDC’s two shortened options for reduced quarantine. Details on these options can be found here.

Limit Travel and Gatherings

Gatherings and travel in and out of communities present a high risk of spreading COVID-19 infection. In our current situation, with a rising prevalence of the virus, attending even small gatherings that mix households, or traveling to areas that are experiencing high rates of positivity, is not advised and is potentially dangerous. Please, travel only if necessary.

Work from Home if Possible

Prior to the winter holidays, work with your employer to plan to work from home unless it is necessary for you to be in the workplace.  We ask employers to make accommodation for this.  Our goal is to reduce transmission as we head into the holidays so businesses and schools can remain open.

Participate in Essential Activities Only

Prior to the winter holidays, stay home as much as possible, leaving only for necessary and essential activities, such as work that must be performed outside the home, COVID-19 testing, visiting the pharmacy, and buying groceries.