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Travel Guidance

CCDPH recommends a 14-day quarantine for persons entering suburban Cook County, Illinois, from states with a high incidence of COVID-19 infections.

To limit potential spread of COVID-19, Cook County Department of Public Health is recommending quarantine measures for persons entering the region from states around the country where the incidence of COVID-19 infection is high.

Any person entering suburban Cook County living in a high-incidence state, or who visited the high-incidence state for more than 24 hours is recommended to self-quarantine for 14 days after arrival, or for the duration of their stay in suburban Cook County, whichever is shorter.

High-incidence states are those that have new case rate equal to or greater than 15 COVID-19 cases per 100,000 resident population per day, over a 7-day rolling average. The list of states meeting this definition will be updated every Tuesday.  The list will be posted to the websites of the local health departments issuing this guidance.

Essential workers with verification from their employer, and those traveling for medical care or parental custody are exempt from these recommendations. Essential workers are defined as any person who works in critical infrastructure as designated by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. Essential workers include any state, local, and federal officials and employees traveling in their official capacities on government business, including military service.

A doctor’s note is not sufficient to disregard the travel quarantine guidance.

For more information, download answers to frequently asked questions and press release issued July 17, 2020.


Suburban Cook County* Travel Quarantine List

The list will be updated every Tuesday, and go into effect that Friday at 12:01 a.m.

Updated: 10/27/20

StateDaily Infections Per 100k*Most Recent Effective Date
North Dakota75+July 31
South Dakota75+August 28
Wisconsin75+September 25
Montana50-75September 25
Idaho50-75September 25
Utah40-50September 18
Nebraska40-50September 4
Wyoming40-50October 2
Oklahoma40-50July 17
Iowa30-40August 21
Arkansas30-40July 6
Missouri30-40July 31
Tennessee30-40July 6
Indiana30-40October 16
Alaska30-40October 9
Alabama30-40July 6
New Mexico30-40October 16
Rhode Island30-40October 16
Kansas20-30August 21
Minnesota20-30September 25
Kentucky20-30October 2
Mississippi20-30July 6
Puerto Rico20-30September 25
Colorado20-30October 23
Michigan20-30Pending, will be added next week if cases don't decline
Nevada20-30October 2
North Carolina15-20October 16
South Carolina15-20July 6
Texas15-20October 23
Ohio15-20October 23
Florida15-20October 30
Delaware10-15October 23**
West Virginia10-15October 23**

*The guidance applies to suburban Cook County, excluding the City of Evanston and the Village of Skokie.

**This state was on the designated list and is now under 15 daily cases per 100k residents. If they stay below for another week, it will be taken off the list.