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Healthy Homes and Lead Paint Hazard Grant Program


Cook County has a Healthy Homes and Lead Paint Hazard Grant from Cook County and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) that runs through May 31, 2025. This grant provides funding for CCDPH to correct healthy homes and lead paint hazards in homes in suburban Cook County communities for families that qualify.

CCDPH Lead Grant Program Community Flyers

CCDPH Lead Grant Program FAQs 

A family may qualify for the grant program if:

  1. The home is located within Cook County,
  2. Their income is below the program limit, and
  3. There are healthy homes or lead paint hazards in the home.

CCDPH will work with families to identify any healthy homes and lead paint hazards in their home and contract with a licensed contractor to fix the hazards at no cost to you. Lead hazard repairs typically include: healthy homes housing hazards, painting, replacing windows, or other home repair work to remove or contain the lead paint.

Household incomes cannot exceed the amounts in the charts below for your family size.



Household Size

HUD 2022 Income Guidelines

Area Median Income Limits 2022
(Effective April 18, 2022)


80% 100% 120%
1 $58,350 $73,000 $87,600
2 $66,700 $83,400 $100,080
3 $75,050 $93,800 $112,560
4 $83,350 $104,200 $125,040
5 $90,050 $112,600 $135,120
6 $96,700 $120,900 $145,080
7 $103,400 $129,300 $155,160
8 $110,050 $137,600 $165,120


For More Information

Questions? Call Cook County Department of Public Health at 312-515-0366.

Lead Hazard Reduction Program Info Request Form

For more information about the Healthy Homes and Lead Paint Hazards grant, please fill out the form below:



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