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CDC and FDA Recommend Resuming Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Distribution

Apr 25, 2021 | News

Following CDC and FDA guidance from April 23, 2021, we are prepared and pleased at the prospect of including the Johnson & Johnson vaccine again. While we take the blood clot issue very seriously, we know that it is extremely rare. Today’s meeting made clear that public health experts from across the country agree that the benefits of getting the J&J vaccine outweigh the risks.

This vaccine, like the Pfizer and Moderna options, are safe and very effective. They represent our only chance to escape this pandemic. We also know will need them all in order to reach 80 percent of our residents vaccinated, our goal for community immunity.

As it becomes clear that vaccine uptake is improved by giving the vaccinations in people’s communities and neighborhoods as well as in homes for those who cannot travel, the single dose J&J option is another effective tool in our toolkit to get as many of our residents protected against COVID as possible. CCDPH has over 200 mobile pop-up clinics on the schedule and the ability to use a single dose option that is safe and effective will be a significant help in that effort.

Additionally, we in Cook County were able to retain virtually every dose we had on hand and look forward to vaccinating our residents again.

We want to assure every resident of our county that we trust in Johnson & Johnson vaccine. We applaud our federal agencies for pausing its use in an abundance of caution, to fully investigate. Getting vaccinated will help protect our residents, their loved ones, and the most vulnerable among us.